Kia Kaha! Gifts & Gift Baskets to Support Loved Ones Facing Illness

Kia Kaha! Gifts & Gift Baskets to Support Loved Ones Facing Illness

Thinking of sending a get well soon gift to a loved one? When those we love are facing serious illness, or recuperating from an injury, it can be hard to know exactly how to support them best and show them how much they are loved.

But it’s a time when they really do need those around them to rally and show just how much they care. In doing so – whether it’s providing practical help, or just lifting their spirits through thoughtful messages, well wishes or care packages – we can help make their recovery just that bit easier and faster.

So how can we be of service? What can we do to show we care when someone we love is facing an illness? What is an appropriate sympathy gift? What would be a thoughtful get well soon gift? Is there anything we should avoid doing?

‘What Can I Do To Help?’

When someone we love is going through a difficult time, our instinct is often to send our well wishes and let them know we’re there to help by telling them, “Let me know what I can do to help”

While this is a lovely thing to say, it’s also rare that you will be taken up on this offer.

Why? There are often several reasons: first of all, this puts pressure on the ill person to think about and work out what they need help with, which can be a difficult task in itself. If they’re able to think of a way in which others could help out, it can often feel too difficult to then call or message back and ask for the help. They may worry that it was just something that was said to be nice, rather than a sincere offer of help. Or, they may feel like they are being a burden.

Instead, another way to approach this conversation is to send your well wishes and offer ways in which you could help, rather than putting the responsibility on the unwell person to think of ways in which you could be of service.

This could look like a text message asking if you could walk their dog for the week, or leave some frozen meals on their doorstep, or do their laundry. An option like dropping off soup or a care package or thoughtful gift on the doorstep is wonderful, because unwell people generally don’t need people stopping by to chat while they’re trying to rest and recover.

Or, if they have young children, perhaps it’s an offer to babysit a certain night of the week, or do school pick-ups – or, if your children go to the same school, to look after their child’s school lunches. Maybe you can band together with a few friends and let them know that between the group of you, you have their dinners sorted for the week and will be leaving them on the doorstep every evening at 6.30pm.

The more specific you can be about what you’re offering and when, the easier it is to say yes to. And again, if they are stoic and say they don’t need help, but you want to make sure they feel your love and support, it is still a lovely option to send them a pamper or care package in the form of a get well soon gift basket out of the blue.

Silence isn’t golden

Sometimes, when we hear someone is unwell, it’s hard to know what to do. Should we send our well wishes in a text message or card? Send a get well soon gift? Should we call? Sometimes, the fear of saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing can cause us to do nothing. But in doing so, we do a disservice to our friend or loved one.

Navigating an illness or injury can already be a very isolating, lonely experience – and not hearing from those we care about can make it all the more challenging.

Sending well wishes, a get well soon card or sympathy gift basket, with an acknowledgement that you know they are going through a tough time and that you are thinking of them will never go amiss. If you’re lost for words to write in a well wishes card, say that! It’s much nicer to hear ‘I am lost for words and just so sorry this is happening to you’ is much nicer to hear than radio silence.

Unexpected Acts of Kindness

When your spirits are low and you’re recuperating from illness or injury, an out-of-the-blue message or get well soon gift basket on the doorstep that is sent without obligation, can really lift your mood.

A get well soon gift box is always a great option and My Goodness has many different baskets to suit the exact needs and tastes of your loved one. They’re also a great option if the recipient is currently recuperating in hospital. Often, fresh cut flowers are prohibited in the wards – whereas a pampering gift box can delight with some creature comforts that can make their hospital stay that much easier and comfortable.

Four Recommended Get Well Soon Gift Baskets:

Aroha is MyGoodness’ best-selling ‘for her’ gift basket and perfect for someone recuperating in bed after an illness, injury or surgery. Beautifully presented in a woven flax box and includes pamper products from the Aromatherapy Company, including hand lotion and scented candle by FLWR.

Haere Mai is a smaller, but absolutely delightful gift box that is perfect for a get well soon gift. A woven flax box beautifully wrapped and containing natural pamper products from the Aromatherapy Company plus a selection of locally made chocolate & nuts.

Kia Ora is a beautifully presented, traditional upright style gift basket, that is perfect for some comforting treats and snacks as a sympathy gift or get well soon gift. It’s also amazing value with a great selection of gourmet treats, with a small bottle of sparkling wine that can be swapped out for sparkling juice.

The Ecoya Premium Gift Set is sure to make its recipient feel pampered and loved. Featuring a beautiful collection of Ecoya best-sellers including gorgeous skincare, a candle and a diffuser, it’s finished off with luxury sweet treats and packaged in a stylish, ribboned terrazzo gift box.

The Power of Love 

When you’re feeling at your most vulnerable – perhaps while you’re at home recovering from surgery or an illness – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being loved and cared for by those around you to help aid your recovery. It’s those well wishes, thoughtful actions and care packages we receive during our most difficult moments, that stay in our memories long after the scars or memories of an illness have faded. 

A get well soon gift basket is an excellent way to show someone who is going through a sickness, injury or difficult time that they mean the world to you, and in turn, lift their spirits and help aid recovery. A My Goodness gift basket can arrive quickly on their doorstep, without the intrusion of guests into the home (which can often be an exhausting experience when you are under the weather), putting a smile on their face and uplifting their spirits during a very difficult time.