Thank You Gifts: How to Show Your Appreciation

Thank You Gifts: How to Show Your Appreciation

Maybe it was your mother-in-law who swooped in last-minute to babysit the children, or a complete stranger who performed a random act of kindness while you were in a spot of trouble. Or, perhaps it was a neighbour who changed your flat tyre, or a staff member who went above and beyond, blitzing a target. 

Whatever the situation, a good deed should never go unrecognised. Sometimes, simply stopping and telling someone how much you appreciate their actions, can be enough. But, when you really want to show someone how much their hard work, sacrifice or kindness is appreciated, a thoughtful gift can really get the message across. But, how do you go about getting in right? And, is it really the right thing to do?

The Neuroscience of Giving Thanks

Sending a gift of thanks can feel like a small act, but the impacts of that gesture can be incredibly powerful, and not just for the receiver of the gift. It can strengthen bonds, improve mood – and, if your gift is to a colleague or staff member, it can have far-reaching positive effects on their work performance and the overall morale of staff. 

When we receive a heartfelt thank you gift, our brain releases serotonin and dopamine into our system. These are those warm fuzzy hormones that instantly elevate our mood, increase our positivity and self-esteem, whilst simultaneously lowering our stress levels and feelings of anxiety. 

And, while it certainly shouldn’t be the driving force for giving thanks to someone else, it’s a very similar story for the gift-giver. In fact, the effect on the giver can be even stronger. When we give a gift to someone who we believe is truly deserving of our thanks, our brain also releases oxytocin – a neuropeptide that signals trust, safety, and connection. This can have long-term effects on our mood and wellbeing.

How to Send the Perfect Thank You Gift Box:

Be Thoughtful When Choosing the Right Gift

When it comes to sending your thank you gift, speed is often of the essence – promptly sending a gift shows your sincere appreciation and ensures the receiver remembers exactly what it is for. But in saying that, late is always better than never! 

A gift box can be the perfect answer for what to gift, as you can tailor it to the interests of the receiver – or, if you don’t know them well, it can offer a curated selection of goods to suit most tastes. 

A My Goodness gift box ticks all the boxes, as they’re beautifully curated, whether your gift receiver is a candle lover, a chocolate fan or enjoys a fine wine or whiskey. Yes, whether it’s a gift for her, a gift for him, we’ve got you covered. And, they’ll arrive quickly, with same day delivery available in Auckland and overnight delivery to most North and South Island towns and cities. 

Plus, the beauty of a My Goodness gift box is they all come stylishly presented, so the receiver will know you haven’t just pulled an old bottle of wine out of the cupboard or made a quick dash to the corner dairy to grab a gift. It’s immediately obvious that much care and thought has gone into sending the gift.

Make Sure it Is Accompanied By a Thoughtful Thank You Card

Unfortunately, all your efforts can be quickly eroded if a thank you gift is not accompanied by a card or note that clearly explains the intention of the present. 

But don’t let the fear of getting it wrong in the card put you off sending a gift all together. The note can be simple and brief, but must make it clear what the gift is for, convey your appreciation – and most importantly, include who it is from. If your message is sincere, you can’t go wrong. 

If you are sending the gift on behalf of someone else or a group of people, be sure to let them know you have done so, and what the gift was. There’s nothing worse than receiving a gift and saying thank you to the sender, only to discover they have no idea what you are talking about! All those warm feelings of positivity can quickly be replaced by embarrassment.

My Goodness: Your One Stop Shop 

If you’re ready to recognise a good deed (and get that and get that oxytocin flowing!), be sure to take a look at the impressive range of gift baskets available under the Thank You Gift Baskets’ tab at My Goodness. Whether it’s a gift for him or a gift for her, to suit smaller budgets or more extravagant, you’ll be sure to find something that fits the occasion perfectly and leaves a warm smile on both of your faces.